Heart Attack – What & Why?

Heart Attack

What is Heart Attack? Under what conditions? What are the precautions we need to take to avoid getting sick? Everything should be known.

The blood vessels that supply blood to the heart are called Coronary arteries. This blood circulation is called coronary haemorrhoids. The coronary arteries supplying the blood to the heart can be compensated for any reason and when the blood circulates throughout the heart, the part of the heart becomes dead. This dead part is called Infarct. This disease is called Myocardial infarction or Heart Attack.

Heart Attack is wasting a lot of people around the world. Doctors are constantly working to protect humanity from it. Key research on the dangerous Heart Attack continues on day by day. What are common heart diseases before? What age do you get? In younger, adolescents, in medieval age, let’s learn about signs and symptoms commonly found in heart disease in older adults.

It is usually healthy, strong and active when you feel a little ill in the health of your body. If some of the signs and symptoms mentioned, it is good to go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Rapid, severe heart rate, rapid fatigue, fatigue, stroke, chest pain, cardiac gastritis, left arm, back pain, head bleeding, eyesight, fainting, heel swelling, lips, face blue It is good to go to the doctor and show these symptoms.

How to get rid of heart attacks?

Prevention is better than the cure, the elders explain the reasons for the heart attack, but we will learn about how to avoid heart attacks.

1. Reduce hypertension

2. People with diabetes should carefully treat diabetes by treating them very carefully.

3. Take care of food.

4. Exercise every day.

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