Effects of Drinking Soda

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Harmful Effects Of Soda You Must Know!

Although soda consumption is declining in many countries, many people still drink soda every day. Several studies have proven the negative health outcomes of consuming soda on your waistline and your enamel. Consuming soda, but, has far more serious health risks than a lot of us may also recognise. On one hand, the drink revives you, however then again, it hurts the inner organs severely.

Actually, can anyone say what is Soda? What does it contain?

Soda is a kind of liquid which contains carbonated water, a sweetener, and a natural or artificial enhancing. Most soft drinks additionally contain Colorings, Additives, Caffeine, as well as differently added preservatives.

Soda is also known as Soda Pop, Pop or Soft Drinks.

Read below to comprehend what Soda is exactly doing to your body.


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  • Tooth Decay

    As per an investigation, 92% of adults endure tooth rot due to consistent consumption of soda. Due to which the acid used in soda debilitates the tooth finish prompting tooth decay. Also, we can see the sugar content in soda is much higher which further leads to tooth decay in the mouth.


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  • Unnatural birth cycles and Lower Fertility

    As we can see the soda bottles or cans are made up of plastic and metal materials. Consistent utilisation of these beverages can affect the reproductive system. Specifically, BPA (bisphenol A), a compound significantly utilised as a part to manufacture the bottles, is linked to hormonal issues, expanded danger of unnatural birth cycles and lower fertility.

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  • Unhealthy

    You will be shocked to know that many soda manufacturing companies utilise customary tap water that contains germs and microbes present in it. As per an examination, the water contains high lead content, that isn’t good for the human body. As per a research, day by day consumption of soda can increase the risk of obesity by 1.6 times in the body.

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  • It Affects Heart, Kidney and Liver

    As per research many soft drinks are high in phosphoric acid, which as indicated by doctors is hazardous for kidneys and liver. Continuous drinking may bring about renal issues and kidney stones formation in the body. They regularly utilise a preservative called Sodium Benzoate, to prevent bacterial development and food spoilage. This preservative is also used in Soda which causes break down of bones, that can further lead to an increased urinary output of calcium. According to science, this additive is also linked to asthma too.

  • Changes your metabolism

    High rates of Soda pop utilisation have been connected with various medical issues, including weight loss or increase, diabetes and cardiovascular malady—which can eventually prompt heart assaults, stroke etc.

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