Importance of Water In our Daily Life

We all know that Water plays an important role in maintaining proper functioning of the body organs, and also plays a crucial role in making it aesthetic and happy. Water is essential for survival in our daily life and this makes water one of the nutrients in our daily life. Every living thing that lives in the world requires water. The cells need water to absorb oxygen, the human body is made up of approximately 60% water and the water needs to maintain body functions. It is good for health to have high water content, so as not to have problems in breathing, urine preparation, water for the maintenance of various functions.

Here are the below facts that water in the human body is rightly needed:

1.Digestion:  Water plays the main role in digesting food. Drinking water after food can offer some benefits indigestion. If there is a shortage of water in your body, it is possible to lead to constipation, and thus there is a risk of having different health problems.

2.Circulatory: After your body gets dehydrated, the water level in the body decreases and the blood in the body becomes week and blood circulation gets reduced. A headache is particularly fatigued by blood circulation. Therefore, drinking enough water is a must to maintain our health scale.


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Water controls body temperature, so your health experts and advisers advise you to drink more water after exercises. Relieves problems such as breathing problems and sweating during physical activity. Body temperature increases as your body lack sufficient water. Keeping your body under de-hydration makes good talent and health improve. If your body does not correspond to dehydration, fatigue and body temperatures may increase. In humid conditions your body sweats more, creating the fluid loss that requires you to take in additional fluids to keep your body functioning optimally.

4.Health problems: Drinking more water per day will make your body to function properly. If your body has a shortage of water, headaches, fever, diarrhoea, vomiting and depression can suffer. Back pain and muscle aches may occur due to the less quantity of water in our body.

5.Skin: Drinking more water makes your skin healthy and shiny. It Keeps the skin moist and makes muscle motion properly

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6.Helps In Reducing Weight Loss:

The main role in weight loss is the dehydration, which reduces the fat in the form of fatty substances, and the wasting of the waste. It also reduces appetite, drinking less water before dinner. The main function of the kidneys is to waste and poisonous substances from the body. Drinking water can cause a burden on the kidneys. Therefore, the amount of water required to send waste materials to the scorching body is wrong. Doctors advise people who suffer from kidney diseases, especially those suffering from problems such as kidney stones, drink 8 glasses of water each day.

How much water content should be taken?

According to ‘Research, men should drink at least 13 glass of water in the day and women 9 glass of water. In addition, the water needed for the body depends on the size of the body and the work performed by him.

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