3 Easy Exercises For Intense Power Growth

When you want a healthy, coherent and strong body at the same time, you must first begin to Exercise and increase your inner strength. Exercise is a good way to get a better physical condition and to maintain the quality of your life. If you can easily lift heavy weight or exercise over the years, the results do not show you what you are following.

Make sure you have intensive exercises in your fitness regime; They are useful for many physical activities. It will make your organs better to maintain healthy, stable strength and stability. So you must have intimate energy.

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For intensive energy growth, you do not need to be in the gym every day to get the intense power, or to sit down at night and train. You do not need to take any exercise equipment or gym machines for internal energy. This is a good opportunity to develop a abs and back muscles.

Here are some simple exercises to enhance the intrinsic energy.

Stomach crunch

    Bend your back and keep your legs steep.

    Make sure that your knees and hips are bent in the angle of 90 degrees.

    Tighten your abdominal muscles and raise your head to the shoulders.

    Keep your hands in your chest, not distort your neck.

    Take three breaths deep and hold it tight.

    Repeat the procedure and come back to the original position.


    The first thing to do is pushup.

    Keep your two forearms on the floor below.

    Make sure the elbows and fists are identical on the floor.

    Place the palms as a ballade and let your shoulders be sure.

    Keep your legs underneath and bow down to your belly stomach.

    Keep your neck and knees neutral, but make sure your body is straight.

    Take your knees and stay in the same position for two seconds.


    Exercising one of the last parts of the leg is another stretch of the other end of the chair.

    Make sure the distance between your leg and the chair is one foot.

    Make sure that the leg is in the shady side of the chair.

    This exercise begins with your foot moving out of the chair away from the chair.

    The end of the toe should be slowly reversed and brought back to the starting point

    After 20-25 times, you have to move the other leg to another.

The most important thing to remember when exercising for your intimate energy is to focus on body shape. Exercise in the right manner makes it possible for strong muscle development and the body of a good sportsman. You can follow the above exercises for your intimate energy or can do other exercises separately for your fitness.

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