Hair Loss Problem? – Eat these Food Daily and Increase Hair Growth Naturally

For those who are worrying about there hair. Where do you see your hair? Bathroom, Kitchen, Hall. Too much of a good can be bad. Who really wants to have beautiful hair? Many types of products, chemical creams, are used to reduce hair loss, but the key to good health is Nutrients. Reason for healthy hair is mainly the nutrients. Nutrients that we get from the food not only helps in growth of your hair, also, makes your hair longer and stronger.

Increase your hair naturally, intake the dietary supplements that contain high nutrients. Here is the intake of the food we have listed below:

Leafy Vegetables:
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Vitamin A and Vitamin C are essential for sebum production in your body, which is referred to as natural hair conditioners. These are naturally derived from a hair follicle or a footing. These nutrients are rich in spinach and broccoli. Along with these, nutrients like calcium and iron are also available from celery.

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Selenium is required to keep your scalp healthy. To keep your scalp healthy nuts are the must. Brazilian Nuts have a large amount of selenium. Walnuts that have alpha-leonic acid and omega-3 fatty acids improve hair growth. Besides, be sure to keep your zinc in your food plan, which reduces hair loss. So add zinc, almonds, peaches, and pees in your daily diet plan.


You must include kidney beans and lentils in your diet plan. These are not only the proteins that we need but also increases your hair growth. Besides, it provides many nutrients such as zinc, iron, and biotin. Hypothyroidism is the result of biotin deficiency.


Vitamin A content is high in the carrot that increases hair growth, also improves eye vision. Adding these as salads or snacks that we eat in our daily routine will make your hair shiny and stronger.

Whole grains:
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It is also rich in nutrients like zinc, iron, vitamin B in whole wheat bread and refined whole grains. Take these as snacks before dinner.

Fat low milk products:

The milk contains a huge amount of cream and excess calcium and protein in it. Cottage cheese and yogurt can be eaten in the evening as snacks but should not be consumed regularly. To decrease your hair loss and to increase the hair growth almond-3 fatty acids and zinc-containing flaxseeds and walnuts should be mixed with milk so as to increase the hair growth. Milk also contains 2 types of proteins such as whey and casein which helps in hair growth.

So finally for healthy hair growth, we should intake proper amount of proteins and carbs present in our food.

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