Healthy Tips To Gain Body Weight & Keep Fitness

There are many methods available to reduce body weight. But, there are very fewer indications to gain the healthy body weight. To accomplish a healthy weight, we ought to go without numerous things and make quite a few efforts. There are no pill, manual, exercise, prescription or whatever, to gain a healthy weight. A decent weight must be accomplished through good diet and standard exercise. It is a consistent procedure the fact that once you have achieved your desired weight, you need to maintain it. Here are few healthy weight gain instructions which are given below.

Increase the Quantity of Food

You will notice changes in the amount of food you are taking. Suddenly, eating more of this food is a disadvantage, so increase the amount of food that you can take day by day. Add the cheese and the meat in the food that is eaten during the afternoon.

Healthy Snacks

For example, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and fresh fruits contain nutrients. Carry these items in the bag or back pocket and can be eaten at any time. The number of calories consumed by eating them every two or three hours increases your body weight.

Consume Fluids

Drink juices which have high calories, such as milk, that contain more calories. Eat fresh fruit, homemade smoothies, and yogurt instead of foods that are rich in nutrients.

Intake 500 Calories per Day

To get 1 pound body weight every week, take over 500 calories every day. Use butter and cheese in food preparation. Drink milk that is not fat substitute, instead of fatty foods. Eat heavily in the middle of meals with vegetables that contain carbohydrates, such as peas, lime beans or maize


Exercises are must for body weight gain are to balance the weight. Keep in mind that the number of calorie intake should be higher. This kind of exercise increases the weight of the body. In addition, it is important to regularly check your weight whether it is staying stable or not.

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