6 Foods Which Contains More Calcium Other Than Milk

Calcium is very important in the body’s nutrients. We need to focus on calcium in the food we eat. Generally, calcium deficiency is more common in women than men. Because menstruation occurs in the month of pregnancy, most calcium is excreted from the body. More calcium is also lost during pregnancy. So women have more attention to eating calcium foods than men

Not only in milk but also in other foods, calcium content is high. Our body requires vitamin D to absorb calcium content. Therefore, we eat foods rich in vitamin D that increase calcium in the body


Almonds are rich in calcium that contains 70 to 80 percent of vitamin E foods. So eat a handful of almonds daily and increase the calcium in the body. According to experts next to milk is calcium richness almonds. An almond contains 457 mg of calcium in it.

Leafy Vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables are rich in calories. It is also rich in calcium content present in it, such as spinach, broccoli etc. A greeny leaf vegetables contains 336 mg of calcium content in it.

Salmon Fish:

Salmon Fish is commonly called calcium oxalate in all seafood. The fish contains omega 3 fatty acids in it and this fish must be eaten with the thorns because the fish absorbs the mineral nutrients. Even though it is low in calcium, all other nutrients can be obtained from the salmon fish.


Cheese is made up of milk products and is very good for women. Because the cheese is very rich in calcium. A cup of cheese contains 951mg of calcium in it.


We all know that orange helps to increase our immune system. Orange fruit is rich in calcium and vitamins. An orange fruit contains 60 mg of calcium in it. Vitamin D nutrient is present in orange, which increases calcium content in our body.

Chia Seeds:

Chia seeds help maintain calcium bone health and bone strength. Chia seeds help to clean up the body and increase the number of red blood cells. You can take chia seeds in diet along with eggs or with fluids.

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