4 Reasons To Practice Yoga

1. Yoga gives us good health

Any correct physical activity, any correct physical exercises lead to an improvement in our overall physical well-being. About how important good physical well-being is for our mood, positive thoughts, happiness experiences and our success. Yoga in this matter is one of the best. After practicing yoga (if you are doing the right thing), a pleasant physical “aftertaste” is experienced.

Even such elementary things as breathing and walking are beginning to bring tangible pleasure. There is a pleasant ease in the body, the movements become smooth. There are no sensations of fatigue and energy loss, on the contrary, there is a clear increase in it – “wings grow” There is a feeling of pleasant muscle and mental tonus – I want to live and work! Also noticeable “clear” in the head – there is clarity of thinking and consciousness. And so almost after each lesson.

Regular yoga classes sooner or later lead to the fact that this state becomes a norm for us. A good state of health after classes and in general “for life” is a visiting card of yoga. Its competitive advantage. It does not take energy from us, but on the contrary, generously gives it, asking in return for a little amount of our time and quite moderate our efforts.

2. Yoga teaches to relax

The skill of relaxation (the ability to physically relax) is extremely important and necessary for any person. The fact is that relaxation is one of the main methods of preventing stress and accompanying negative emotions. Having the skills of relaxation, we can by conscious effort quickly calm down and relax, without stressing senselessly and mercilessly exhausting our physical and psychological resources. We can “tune in” beforehand and prepare ourselves for a stressful situation, so that this state simply does not appear. Without this skill, we are virtually unarmed in front of various stressors that are constantly attacked from inside as well as from outside.

One of the rules of yoga is: ” Try to find such a position of the body in the asana, so that you are comfortable and comfortable so that you can relax .” Until you achieve this particular state, asana (a certain position of the body) can not be considered mastered. The asana, mastered and correctly performed, is practically without tension and discomfort, no matter how uncomfortable and unnatural it may seem to you at first.

When you practice yoga, you knowingly learn the ability to be in comfort and relaxation. There is an opinion that the ability to maintain comfort and relaxation in the most “uncomfortable” pose-asana, is then transferred to our everyday life as the ability to feel calm, comfortable and relaxed in the most unfavorable stress situations.

Yoga extends the comfort zone of our consciousness . Because the mind and body are a single system, there is nothing strange or mystical about this transfer. The “pumping” of one part of the system inevitably leads to noticeable improvements in the functioning of the other.

3. Yoga increases bodily awareness

If a modern person is asked where his “I” lives, he will most often point to his head. If such a question is asked the native of some primitive tribe, he will point to his belly. The problem of modern man is that he “lives head and head”, and his body perceives as though useful, but rather troublesome appendage of his “I”. Attachments, which constantly “junk” and “capricious” at the most inopportune moments.

Unfortunately, we often try to realize our body only when something is wrong with it, something that bothers: it hurts, itches, presses, grows dumb, trembles, etc. – something went wrong, in a word. And when it functions normally, we do not pay attention to it, completely immersing ourselves in our thoughts, memories, plans and experiences – ie. “We are in the head”. This, by the way, looks like the degree of representation of different parts of the body in the brain and the consciousness of the average person.

4. Yoga is mind soothing

The ordinary state of consciousness of the average person can be compared with the flame of a candle in the wind. It is extremely unstable and rushes from side to side under the influence of a wide variety of external and internal factors that we are weakly aware of and practically can not control. It is this: a restless, rushing, chaotic state of mind-mind is the main cause of most of our suffering and constant dissatisfaction. If we try to protect our mind from “hostile” winds and “level out” its flame, life will proceed in a completely different way – calmer, more meaningful and, most importantly, much happier.

How does yoga soothe the mind? There are several scientific and not very scientific explanations of how it does it. Here is the simplest and most understandable. In order to correctly perform this or that exercise or asana, we need to concentrate on them as much as possible, otherwise they will not work (see cause No. 3). Thanks to this “production” need, we significantly develop the skill of concentrating our attention and conscious direction of it in the direction that is right for us. It is thanks to this skill-skill that the flame of our consciousness instead of rushing and twitching begins to burn exactly and brightly shine.

They say that the best way to be sure of something is to check by example. Make an informed choice, make a decision and regularly do yoga at least 3 months. And you will begin to feel and directly experience the positive effects that you have just read about. Believe me, after you feel them directly, there is no doubt about doing / not doing yoga, you simply will not remain.

Author: Team Bulkuse

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