All You Need To Know About ABA Therapy

Autism spectrum disorder is a disorder you can find in both children as well as adults. Children autism spectrum disorder is normally a tense situation for family members. But no need to worry you can handle it with patience. According to the report, the diagnosis rate is very low as its just one in 68 children. In such case, parents need to go with early intervention. Delay intervention can be dangerous for children. Studies say that early intervention is the only way to get rid of this disorder.

Once you find out your child is Autistic you will then want to begin some type of treatment plan. There are many different treatments for Autism. Some people will go with the standard type of treatment plan, while others will try an alternative, natural plan. Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA Therapy) is one of the treatments. So let’s discuss more on it.

Definition of Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA or Applied Behaviours Analysis is a special kind of therapy which based on the application of science and learning behavior. This analysis consists of some important parts like

  • how behavior works
  • Affect of  environment on it
  • how learning takes place with the help of proper behavior analysis

This analysis normally works to the real situations which normally easy to understand for common people. The main aim of this behavior analysis is to boost the behaviours which are helpful and decrease the harmful behavior or which normally affect the learning process.

This ABA therapy programs can help your child in many ways like decrease the problem behaviours enhance communication and language skills, increase the focus power social skills memory as well as academics.               

 How does ABA therapy work?

According to U.S Surgeon General and American Academy of Paediatrics ABA or Applied behavior analysis is the best and most effective treatment for autism. This therapy encourages skills like requesting listening, looking and imitating. You can also mark the development of complex skills like conversing understanding and reading via this treatment.

What does an ABA program consist of?

 You can only say it a good ABA program for autism when it doesn’t focus on improvising any particular skill set. This should be an effective program which can make a child or person more successful, independent for short-term as well as in future. Mainly an ABA program should have consisted of several learning skills like:

  • Academic and learning skills
  • Social skills
  • Language and communication skills
  • Motor skills
  • Self-independent or you can say it self-care skills

Now the question is where you can get or who is eligible to provide ABA service. So next we will discuss it.

Who can provide ABA services?

Any BCBA or board-certified behavior analyst can provide ABA therapy services. A person needs the following requirements to become a professional BSBA which are like:

  • A state license for practice for sure
  • You need to clear the national certification exam
  • A Ph.D. or master degree in the field of psychology or behavior analysis

When the thing comes to ABA therapy programs mostly this therapy need therapists or registered behavior technicians. These therapists are well trained by the BCBA. These therapists normally work directly with adults children who suffering autism to practice their skills.     

 Where you can find ABA services and how EAP provides services?

You can easily get the ABA therapy service at schools, homes, clinics under the supervision of BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) or BCABA (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst). Professional therapists work intimately with the families. They also apply guidelines of ABA to train social, academic, daily living, communication skills and much more.

No doubt each child is unique and different from another one. So the early intervention always helpful for the child. It creates a golden opportunity to develop their skills with the traditional learning environment. Early intervention can also help them to become more independent as well as make a better future.


Author: Team Bulkuse

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