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Allergies stem from an unseemly response of the immune system to certain proteins. These proteins are known as allergens, and they are usually common and safe substances such as dust, mold spores, various foods, insect venoms, or medications. The immune system is a complex system. When individuals with allergy diseases are exposed to common natural substances such as house dust mite, a sort of white blood cells produce particular antibodies known as IgE against that substance. This IgE at that point attaches itself to another sort of white blood cells and when the mast cells come into contact with that substance again, they start a complex immune reaction that leads to the hypersensitivity.

Allergy – Types, Causes, Signs and Symptoms

Allergy Sneezing isn’t always the indication of a cold. In some cases, it is an allergic reaction to something within the air. Health specialists appraise that more than 35 million people suffer from upper respiratory tract symptoms,...